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Insomnia – experimental short film


Insomnia is a visual short film created by Misagh Alami. It was released in 2006 as part of a contemporary theatre performance with the same title.

The play was a physical theatre performance, a genre where the physical movement works as the primary method of storytelling.

The physical theatre play was devised in collaboration between creative artists Samantha Hole, Jason Rafiki Coyle, Eileen McCarthy, Mark Steven Karl Ogden, Penny Kaven, and Misagh Alami. All of which played a role in the creation of the short film.

Insomnia - short film

The 8 minute short film is about the inability to sleep, or to remain asleep throughout the night. It dives into the several stages of insomnia, with a merge of abstract colourful visuals and electronic music by DJ Shadow, UNKLE, NERVED, and other artists.

Insomnia, the experimental short film, was exhibited prominently at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry, England, during the summer of 2006 after it had its final screening as part of the theatre play.

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