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Three shorts about stillness


A reoccurring theme of stillness is present in Misagh Alami’s earlier work.

Stillness is similar to silence, in the sense that it is something we are uncomfortable with.

Having this inner kinetic feeling to move, fidget, and twitch if it gets too physically quiet. That is when the silence gets filled with background music or white noise. Stillness, which is not just standing still, but being still, is a state of calm and reflection where your creativity sparks the most.

As stillness itself is a central part of Misagh’s current writing process, let’s dive into three early shorts where he explored the concept.

Sömnlös (“Sleepless” in English) is a Swedish short film from 2005 starring Misagh Alami and Sara Ejevärn. The 5 minute piece is directed by Björn Näslund. An entire set was built inside a studio for all the interior scenes (the cafe, bedroom, and living room).

Sömnlös film poster
The film poster of Sömnlös (Sleepless).

The story is about a character having trouble sleeping and trying to come to terms with what is real and not. It has a bit of a surreal narration, with Lynch as a clear source of inspiration for the director.

Sömnlös - short film

One Day’s Walk is a Swedish short film which premiered at the Potenzia Film Festival in January 2004. The 9 minute short, with original Swedish title “En Dags Vandring”, is directed by Mikael Berglund with Misagh Alami working as the cinematographer.

En Dags Vandring DVD cover
DVD cover of En Dags Vandring (One Day’s Walk).

The story is about Tobias (played by Patrik Norman), whose existence is violent and chaotic. And Maja (played by Ellendr Lindgren), who is a volunteer in a casualty ward. Their worlds collide, and while they share a sense of emptiness, they can’t see the connection. Very few words are spoken in the short.

One Day's Walk (En Dags Vandring) - short film

Interestingly, a behind the scenes clip exists which really captures the early 2000’s vibe. A nostalgia trip for sure.

One Day's Walk (En Dags Vandring) - behind the scenes clip of short film production
Behind the scenes clip of En Dags Vandring. Great time capsule of the early 2000’s.

The Bench is a British short film from 2005 with a cast which includes Misagh. The entire 6 minute short takes place in one location, focusing on one specific bench in a park. An exploration of its function.

The Bench - short film

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