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Bullshit – miniseries

Bullshit (2024) - Trailer

Bullshit is a Danish six-part TV series distributed by Viaplay and debuting on Amazon Prime Video in April 2024. The miniseries is directed by Milad Alami and assist directed by Misagh Alami.

Inspired by actual events, Bullshit tells the story of the first big rock war in Denmark during the 1980s, tracing its roots back to the 1970s in Christiania and Amager. It was a time when rootless young people tried to create a community outside the established society, eventually giving rise to the rock club known as Bullshit.

Bullshit Motorcycle Club
Bullshit Motorcycle Club. Photo by Søren Nagel.

At just sixteen years old, Pia (played by Alba August) gathers her courage and leaves her family behind with only some pocket change and a longing to belong somewhere.

Pia, Henning, and their dog
Pia, Henning, and their dog. Photo by Søren Nagel.

Henning (played by Marco Ilsø), also known as “Mackerel”, is eighteen and has rejected the norms of late 1970s Danish society. His dreams revolve around brotherhood, freedom, and motorcycles.

Joining Bullshit, Henning fights his way in and eventually rises to become its President. Pia and Henning cross paths, and a passionate love story unfolds against the high-octane backdrop of the Bullshit biker gang.

For a moment, life feels good, but Henning finds himself in a violent conflict with the Hells Angels, thrusting himself into a fight with no way out but through.

Between each of the six episodes, time will elapse, allowing you to perceive the growth of the characters over time. The innocence portrayed in the previous episode gradually fades in the next, as the characters mature and take on greater responsibilities, losing the freedom they had in their youth.

Pia and the Bullshit MC
Pia and the Bullshit MC. Photo by Søren Nagel.

Throughout the story, Denmark is depicted as a place in constant change, but the series does not rely on traditional historical images. The loss of innocence the characters go through is mirrored in Danish society, with violence and crime becoming more visible. As the naivety in the main characters fades, the world becomes a more dangerous place. But to contrast the violence, the series also shows the fun part of being part of a motorcycle club – their chosen family. The characters are lively and amusing, which is a big part of Bullshit.

Henning and Pia
Henning, Pia, and their chosen family. Photo by Søren Nagel.

The tone of Bullshit is one of realism and authenticity, leaning more towards the style of documentaries than conventional fiction. The main characters are portrayed as nuanced individuals whom you would want to follow closely. Despite their flaws and actions that may seem puzzling, you find yourself rooting for their success. There is a constant awareness that these characters are young and are navigating their identities and sense of belonging through their choices.

Henning and his friend Steen.
Henning and his friend Steen.

The story of Bullshit unfolds with a narrative that switches between very calm moments and sudden unexpected violence, creating tension where it feels like the characters’ lives are always at risk. It is a high-paced drama, with dynamic music and sound design highlighting moments of chaos and excitement, reflecting the wild nature of the characters.

Assistant director Misagh Alami and main director Milad Alami during the shoot of Bullshit.

The miniseries is adapted from the Cavling award-winning non-fiction book ‘Bullshit: The Story of a Family’.

Starring Alba August (The Rain), Marco Ilsø (Vikings), Clint Ruben (The Venus Effect), and Vic Carmen Sonne (The Kingdom Exodus). All of whom deliver strong performances, portraying the desires and challenges of characters dealing with the complexities of youth, love, and conflict.

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