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Corpora Vilia – arthouse short film

Corpora Vilia

Corpora Vilia is a short film created by Misagh Alami in 2007. It was produced as part of a theatre performance by the same title. Corpora Vilia, the term, is plural of Latin words corpus (“body”) and vile (“worthless”):

A person or thing fit only to be the object of an experiment.

The four minute visual piece stars Paul Kerrigan and explores the inner and outer body via the use of various types of plants. Its in-yer-face narration makes it a somewhat abstract and suspenseful experience.

Corpora Vilia - short film

Supported by the backdrop song Operate by Canadian musician Peaches, Corpora Vilia was selected to be highlighted at an annual art show in Ricoh Arena, and was praised for its highly tense presentation when screened as a part of the contemporary theatre performance in the UK.

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